About Seriously?

A little bit about Seriously?

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What is Seriously?

My goal with Seriously? is to give Brazilian learners of English the opportunity to experience real English language content through the eyes of a native English teacher living and working in Brazil. And I've been here for a long time... You'll get social commentary, cultural references and hopefully a little humor, too, all in English.

Each video will (or at least should) have a central theme, focusing on vocabulary, expressions, American and Brazilian culture or good old-fashioned grammar! You'll also be able to watch the videos with the subtitles in English or in Portuguese, and follow the accompanying lesson for each video. How cool is that? That's seriously cool.

Among the many advantages watching Seriously? will give you is that I'll show you what some of the most common mistakes BRAZILIANS make are, why you make them, and how you can get it right!

I'll try to post a new video every week. It's hard work, and I've got a full plate already. So if I'm not able to keep up with the schedule, just bear with me and know there'll be a new video out soon enough.

YOU CAN HELP by sending in suggestions for new videos. If you have an idea, let me know. I need your feedback so I can make these videos as enjoyable as possible.